Piet Eichholtz

University of Maastricht

Professor of Real Estate and Finance
E: [email protected]


Piet Eichholtz is the Fortis Professor of Finance and Real Estate and Finance Department chair at Maastricht University. He is currently also a member of the Advisory Boards of Redevco Europe and the RO Group, of the Investment Committees of Servatius and the KLM Pension Funds, and of the Housing Scenario Group of Bouwfonds. He is also a non-executive director at IPD. As entrepreneur he started Global Property Research, an international consultancy firm specialized in property companies (later acquired by Kempen & Co). Subsequently, he co-founded Finance Ideas, a financial consultancy company specialized in financing strictures for real estate owners in the semi-public realm. Most of his academic research involves real estate markets, with a focus on international investment, portfolio management, property companies, and housing markets.

The university of Maastricht is specialized in value of real estate and the importance of healthy buildings in relation to business cases of buildings. The team of Piet Eichholtz does research in many primary schools and the city hall of Venlo about the relationship of productivity to healthy buildings.

Bas van de Westerlo

Project Manager & Consultant für Circulair Building
T: +31 77 396 8007 | E: [email protected]

Bas van de Westerlo has an architectural background (Eindhoven University of Technology). After his studies he worked continuously in the application of sustainability and innovation in the built environment. Bas is involved in the C2C ExpoLAB since 2010 in the role of project manager and consultant for various construction projects and circular procurement processes. From his personal conviction and the specific demands from the market, the emphasis has increasingly shifted to the application of the cradle to cradle and circular principles into practice. His aim is to create a positive impact and add value, rather than reducing the negative impact. One of the challenges to accelerate the transition to a circular economy is the ability to value residual value of building materials and the end of use. With this question in mind, Bas contacted TNO over a year ago. More than a year later, a prototype of the Residual Value Calculator has been developed and the project will soon enter the next phase.

Financial Value of Circular Building Products (TNO & C2C ExpoLAB)

A calculation model that provides insight into the future financial residual value of a construction product, with the aim to circulate materials meaningfully without quality loss. That is the Residual Value Calculator that TNO is developing together with the C2C ExpoLAB. The ultimate goal of this model is to encourage circularity in construction, through a supported and validated method for calculating the financial residual value for circular construction products. The methodology aims to accept and support the residual value and the resulting business models by stakeholders in the construction domain (from material producer to architect to financiers) so that the sector can ultimately work with residual value. Willemijn and Bas will talk about the latest developments and discuss the opportunities that the Residual Value Calculator offers for you as a building owner or supplier of construction products.

Johanna Scherer


Project Manager
T: +31 073 6 409 413 | E: [email protected]


Johanna Scherer ist Wirtschaftsingenieurin der Fachrichtung Bauingenieurswesen und studierte in Darmstadt und Eindhoven. Sie hat Ihren Master mit einer Arbeit zum Thema Zirkularität in 2016 erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Nach praktischer Tätigkeit im Projektmanagement in Deutschland arbeitet sie seit Anfang 2017 als Projektleiterin und Beraterin bei HEVO in `s-Hertogenbosch (Niederlande). Hier betreut sie vor allem Immobilienprojekte im Bereich Schulen und Seniorenwohnungen. Dabei  sind ihr Nachhaltigkeit, Gesundheit und zirkuläres Bauen besonders wichtig.

Gemeinsam mit ihrem Kollegen Willem Adriaanssen hat sie das Business Case Tool entwickelt.